Metene Twist Top Lancets for Lancing Devices, 310 Count, 30 Gauge Sterile Lancets for Blood Sugar Test, Diabetic Lancets, Multicolored

Product Description
Metene 30G Diabetic Lancets Metene diabetic lancets are designed for virtually painless testing. These lancets bring better using experience for diabetics and other groups who need to collect blood.   Specifications Quantity: 310 Count The outer diameter: 0.31mm   Product Features Less Painful  1. Metene lancets are sharp because of 30 gauge triple bevel tip. 2. The strong penetrating power can pierce the skin instantly to enough depth. 3. It minimizes the wound, reduce pain and collect enough blood samples at one time.   Sterile and Hygienic  1. After molding, the lancets tip was sterilized by ionizing irradiation and the sterilizing effect is more significant. 2. The twist top provides sterile storage. 3. These prevents cross-infection, ensure safety.   Much More Economical 1. Sell at wholesale prices and you could get more lancets with less money. 2. For diabetics and others who need to do a blood test several times a day, the cost on the lancets and test strips is not a small sum of money. Metene helps to reduce your burden.   Warm Tips 1. Prohibit using these lancets after the expiry date. 2. For one-time use only, do not reuse, do not share with other person. 3. The lancet tip keeps sterile while the lancet tip is sealed by the protective cap. Do not use these lancets if the seal has been damaged or broken. 4. Please insert the tip of the lancets back into the protective cap before disposing of it. Do not dispose of the lancets randomly after using to avoid infection or hurting others. 5. Please do not leave the lancets in the lancing device.  

Product Features
  • Less Painful: The outer diameter of these 30G Diabetic lancets is only 0.31mm, less painful and bring more user-friendly experiences
  • Strong Penetrating Power: The triple bevel tip is sharp, can pierce the skin instantly to minimize the wound, collect enough blood samples at one time
  • Universal Design: These multicolored blood lancets are suitable for virtually all lancing devices for blood testing on the market, more convenient
  • Sterile and Safe: Keep sterile with the protective cap of the lancet, prevents cross-infection, sterile and safe
  • Economic 310 Count: This multicolored product includes 310 count lancets for blood testing, cost-effective, more affordable
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